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Scope of the 1800 MHz strategy

This interactive and discursive consultation process is intended to develop a strategy for the ACMA's approach to spectrum management in the 1800 MHz band. By engaging with interested parties, the ACMA will design spectrum management and licensing arrangements that facilitate greater use of this spectrum and will maximise the public benefit derived from that use.

The timing of this work coincides with the expiring spectrum licence processes for the band1. Given the ongoing nature of these activities, discussions regarding those processes are outside the scope of this consultation. However, the outcomes of these activities may have an impact on the development of the long-term strategy for the 1800 MHz band. Therefore, the outcomes of the reissue consideration and aggregation processes may inform the implementation of future strategies.

The 1800 MHz strategy will be informed by the outcome of arrangements in the spectrum-licensed segment of the band, but will specifically consider only those portions of the band that are not currently spectrum licensed. It will focus on access arrangements for apparatus licences, strategies for enhancing the efficiency of spectrum use through greater spectrum sharing and consideration of whether spectrum licensing should be extended to cover more of the band.

Possible outcomes of this review include:

  • the lifting of Embargo 62 to release the band for access by prospective licensees
  • the publication or amendment of a Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (RALI) to provide coordination and access arrangements for apparatus licences
  •  revised taxation for PTS apparatus licences in the band
  • new licence conditions for fixed services, clarifying their status in the band
  • the development of tailored licensing solutions for particular industries or circumstances, including a possible infrastructure park or private park
  • a recommendation that the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy extend spectrum licensing arrangements to cover more of the band.
Q1. The ACMA invites feedback on the scope of the consultation process.
Does it cover all the matters of importance to spectrum management for the 1800 MHz band? If not, what other matters should be considered as a part of this process?

1 Information about the expiring spectrum licence work program is available on the ACMA website at

Last updated: 09 February 2015