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Sudden loss of TV reception

You may experience sudden loss of TV reception on all or some TV channels. Follow these steps to work out the problem.


Step 1: check with the TV station

Check if the TV station has planned maintenance, faults or outages that will impact your location. Visit the website of the TV station or call their contact phone number.

Each TV station is responsible for the transmission of their signal and their maintenance schedules. 


Step 2: check your location settings

Check if your equipment is set up for your location. You need your antenna and equipment set up for the TV transmission tower that provides the best coverage to your location. 

Go to the mySwitch website. It will tell you:

  • the TV transmission tower that provides the best coverage for your location
  • the TV channel frequencies for your address
  • if your antenna should be vertical or horizontal

Step 3: check your equipment

Check you have the right antenna for your location. Check it is in good condition. Do regular visual check-ups from the ground.

Check your cables and fly leads are in good condition and installed correctly. Check the connection between your wall socket and TV, video recorder or set-top box.

Check your TV receiver is tuned to the right channel frequencies for your location. Auto tune your TV to these settings. If auto tune does not improve the TV reception, manual tune your TV on your remote control.


Step 4: check for mobile phone base station impact on your TV

Sometimes existing or new mobile phone stations can cause TV reception problems. You may get a sudden change to TV reception quality on all channels due to signal overload.


Step 5: check for interference

Other signals and equipment may interfere with your TV reception.

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