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Reissue of spectrum licences

We are responsible for managing spectrum licences. This includes the reissue of expiring spectrum licences.

Expiration dates for issued spectrum licences

This table sets out when issued spectrum licences will expire.


Frequency band


Main use

26 April 2021

20 and 30 GHz

20.2-21.2/30-31 GHz (paired)


2 x 1 GHz


17 June 2028

(reissued licences)

800 MHz

825-845/870-890 MHz (paired)


2 x 20 MHz

Wireless broadband 3G/4G

17 June 2028

1800 MHz Regional

1725-1785/1820-1880 MHz (paired)


2 x 60 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

17 June 2028

(reissued licences)

1800 MHz metropolitan

1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz (paired)


2 x 75 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

17 June 2028

(reissued licences)

1800 MHz regional

1710-1725/1805-1820 MHz (paired)


2 x 15 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

30 September 2029

2.5 GHz band

2500-2670/2620-2690 MHz

2 x 70 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

31 December 2029

700 MHz band

703-748/758-803 MHz

2 x 45 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

24 July 2030

(reissued licences)

2.3 GHz band

2302-2400 MHz

98 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

13 December 2030

(reissued licences)

3.4 GHz band

3425-3442.5/3475-3492.5 MHz


3442.5-3475/3542.5-3575 MHz

2 x 17.5 MHz

2 x 32.5 MHz

Wireless broadband 4G

13 December 2030

3.6 GHz band

3575-3700 MHz

125 MHz

Wireless broadband 5G

11 October 2032

(reissued licences)

2 GHz band

1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz (paired)


2 x 60 MHz

Wireless broadband 3G/4G

Our reissue process

Under sections 81 and 82 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992, there are 2 options available for expiring spectrum licences:

  • undertake a price-based allocation process in accordance with section 60 of the Act
  • reissue licence to the same licensee without undertaking a price-based allocation process, if either:
    • the minister determines that the licence is used to provide a service which is in the public's interest; or
    • we are satisfied that it is in the public's interest for the existing licensee to continue to hold the licence

This flowchart shows how we consider expiring licences.​​​​​​

Spectrum access charges

The price of reissuing spectrum licences in the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2 GHz, 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz bands are specified in the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Access Charges) Direction 2012.

The Direction identifies the amount that the Minister considers to be the value of the spectrum, in relation to the spectrum bands that are specified.

The spectrum access charge (SAC) is calculated as:

SAC = value specified in the Direction x bandwidth authorised in the licence (MHz) x population of the licence area.

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