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Communications and media in Australia: How we use the internet

This interactive report, Communications and media in Australia: How we use the internet, shows the ways we go online and what we do. It includes:

  • the devices we use to connect
  • how often we access the internet
  • online activities and services we use.

The report is part of the Communications and media in Australia series.

Our internet activities

Our activities

  • COVID-19 restrictions drove an increase in online activity in 2020, particularly for telehealth consultations, video conferencing or calling, and working online from home.
  • Emailing, general web browsing, banking and watching videos were the most common internet activities in the 6 months to June 2020. Accessing news online was common among Australians aged 55 and over.

How we connect

Connected to the internet

  • In 2020, nearly all Australian adults went online. The biggest increase was by Australians aged 55 and over.


The devices we use

Devices used

  • Australian adult internet users are accessing the internet with more device types. Nearly half of us accessed the web with 5 or more different types of devices in 2020.
  • Last year, nearly three-quarters of Australian adults had a smart device connected to the internet. The most popular were smart TVs, wearables and voice-controlled smart speakers.

How often we go online

How often we go online

  • Nearly all adult internet users went online daily in the 6 months to June 2020 – up since 2017.
  • Mobile phones and laptops were commonly used to access the internet at least once a day, particularly among Australians aged 18 to 54.


Data usage

Data usage

  • In the 3 months to 30 June 2020, more than 7 million terabytes (TB) of data was downloaded over fixed networks and nearly 1 million TB using mobile devices.  

About the report 

This report is part of the ACMA research program, which provides evidence to inform our decision making.

View information about the methodology used for the report.

Accessing the data

If you’re having trouble viewing the interactive report, please try a different web browser or contact us.

Download data files for the information contained in this report below.

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