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Local radio content

Local radio content

You must broadcast local content from 5am to 8pm each business day on your radio station. This is:

  • 30 minutes for small licence holders  who have an area with less than 30,000 people, or
  • three hours for all other relevant licences.

Local content is material of local significance that is hosted or produced in the licence area. It is material with a direct and real relationship to the area.

The rules are in the Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio – Material of Local Significance) Licence Condition.

Five-week break

You do not have to meet the local content standard for the whole year (52 weeks). You will be exempt for 5 weeks from the second Monday in December, unless either:

  • the licence is subject to an alternative exemption period (through the Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio – Specification of Periods for Subsections 43C(1A) and 61CD(2)) Instrument 2012)
  • you nominate to be exempt for a different period (including splitting the 5-week period into 2 periods totalling 5 weeks). You can do this by giving the ACMA written notice 21 or more days before the exemption period is due to start. You can use the Licensee notification to the ACMA under section 8AE form.


You do not have to provide local content if:

  • your licence was allocated under subsection 40 (1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • you hold a regional racing service radio licence
  • you hold a remote area service radio licence

Trigger events

If a trigger event affects your licence, you need to meet the minimum service standards. See more information about what you must do.

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