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Local radio content

Local radio content

You must broadcast local content from 5am to 8pm each business day on your radio station. This is:

  • 30 minutes for small licence holders  who have an area with less than 30,000 people, or
  • three hours for all other relevant licences.

Local content is material of local significance that is hosted or produced in the licence area. It is material with a direct and real relationship to the area.

The rules are in the Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio – Material of Local Significance) Licence Condition.

Five-week break

You do not have to provide local content for a 5-week period each year.

The default period starts on the second Monday in December.

You can request a different five-week period by filling in and sending us the


Email your completed form to: 


You do not have to provide local content if:

  • your licence was allocated under subsection 40 (1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
  • you hold a regional racing service radio licence
  • you hold a remote area service radio licence

Trigger events

A trigger event may have an impact on the local content you provide. A trigger event is a change in control of the licence including:

  • a person may start or stop being in a position to control the licence
  • a new media group forms or changes and takes over control of the licence

The following are not trigger events:

  • the transfer of shares to a near relative for no consideration
  • changes of control due to circumstances beyond the control of the controllers
  • certain corporate group restructures where continuity of control continues

The rules on trigger events are in:

Local news

After a trigger event, you must continue to broadcast set amounts of local news. This is the greater of:

  • at least 5 eligible local news each week, or
  • the average weekly number of local news in the year ending on the Saturday before the trigger event.

Local new bulletins must be:

  • broadcast at least 5 days a week
  • at least 12.5 minutes
  • broadcast between 5am and 8pm
  • about local stories and material
  • new material

Local weather

After a trigger event, you must also broadcast local weather bulletins at least 5 days a week between 5am and 8pm.

Community service announcements

After a trigger event, you must also broadcast at least 1 community service announcement a week. It is community information or promotional material that you do not get paid for in money or in-kind.

Emergency warnings

After a trigger event, you must also continue to broadcast emergency service warnings when asked by an emergency service agency.

Local presence requirements

You must keep the same level of local staff and facilities for 24 months from the date of the trigger event.

The rules on local presence are in the Broadcasting Services (Regional Commercial Radio—Local Presence) Licence Condition 2014

Trigger event reporting

You must provide a draft local content plan to us within 90 days of the trigger event. This plan has:

  • how you will meet the minimum local news and information
  • information about your existing levels of local presence

Annual reporting for trigger event licensees

You must report against your approved local area content plan by 30 September each year.This includes your local presence licence condition at the end of the first 24 months.

Online lodgement system

Use the online lodgement system for your reports.

Learn how to use the online lodgement system.

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