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Proposal to make Telecommunications Service Provider (Customer Identity Verification) Determination 2021 - consultation 39/2021

We invite your comments on the proposed new customer identity verification rules.

Submissions now public
Consultation number
IFC 39/2021
Days remaining 0 of 29 days
  • 1

    Consultation opens

    17 Nov 2021
  • 2

    Consultation closes

    15 Dec 2021
  • 3

    Outcome and submissions published

    07 Apr 2022

Key documents

The issue

Scams over telco networks are a significant problem. They cause financial and emotional harm to victims and undermine confidence in telecommunications networks.

Scammers are targeting telco providers’ customer identity verification processes.

We are consulting on new rules to prevent unauthorised interactions on customers’ telecommunications services and accounts.

The new rules will complement safeguards in the Telecommunications (Mobile Pre-Porting Additional Identity Verification) Industry Standard 2020.

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