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Updates to spectrum licence taxes - consultation 26/2021

We are proposing to remake the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Tax) Determination 2014 to include new and amended frequency ranges for spectrum licences.

Consultation number
IFC 26/2021
Closing in 18 days (12 August 2021)
In progress

Key documents

The issue

We are proposing to update the determination to include the following bands:

  • 850/900 MHz band including the downshift spectrum
  • 3.4 GHz band
  • 20 GHz and 30 GHz band
  • 26 GHz band.

Have your say

We invite comments on the proposals set out in this paper. In particular:

  1. the proposal to remake the determination
  2. merging some of the frequency ranges in Table 1 of the determination
  3. including several spectrum bands and base amounts so that we can impose spectrum licences. The new bands that have been designated for spectrum licensing are the 850/900 MHz bands, the 3.4 GHz band, the 26 GHz band and the renewal of spectrum licences in the 20 and 30 GHz bands.

Publication of submissions

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