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Consumer vulnerability: expectations for the telco industry - consultation 27/2021

We want to create a statement of expectations for the telco industry to improve outcomes for vulnerable consumers.  

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IFC 27/2021
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    Open for comment

    14 Jul 2021
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    Consultation closed

    08 Sep 2021
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    Outcome and submissions published

    14 Oct 2021
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    Statement of expectations published

    24 May 2022

Key documents


The statement of expectations has been finalised and was published on 24 May 2022.

Previous consultation: The issue

Many Australians will experience being in vulnerable circumstances, in some form, during their lifetime. The devastating effects of environmental emergencies (such as drought, bushfires or floods), the challenge of living with a serious illness, the difficulty of raising a family on a low income and most recently, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, are some of the circumstances that can contribute to people’s experience of vulnerability.

We expect vulnerable consumers to receive a level of customer care appropriate to their circumstances, to enable them to select telecommunications products and services suited to their needs, and manage these services efficiently.

To improve outcomes for vulnerable consumers buying telecommunications products and accessing services, we are consulting on a draft statement of expectations that sets goals and expected outcomes for telcos in 5 key priority areas:

  • internal business practices
  • selling and contracting
  • customer service
  • financial hardship
  • disconnection.

Previous consultation: Have your say

Issue 1: Identifying consumers in vulnerable circumstances

  1. The ACMA proposes that when identifying consumers who may be vulnerable, telcos should consider consumer vulnerability in terms of the circumstances that create risks of harm, detriment or disadvantage in consumers’ interactions with the telecommunications market. Do you agree with this approach? If not, please explain and provide alternative thinking.

Issue 2: Setting expectations for telcos – priority areas

  1. Are the ACMA’s 5 proposed priority areas appropriate? Are there any other priority areas that should be substituted or included?
  2. Are the outcomes set out under each priority area appropriate? Are there any additional outcomes that should be specified?
  3. Are the examples provided in the statement of expectations appropriate and realistic? Are there any additional examples that would assist telcos in understanding how to achieve the objectives?
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