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Proposal to vary the Queensland digital radio channel plan - consultation 24/2021

We are proposing to vary the Radiocommunications (Digital Radio Channels – Queensland) Plan 2007 (Queensland DRCP).

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Consultation number
IFC 24/2021
Days remaining 0 of 44 days
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    Open for comment

    01 Jul 2021
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    Consultation closed

    13 Aug 2021
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    Submissions available

    14 Sep 2021
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    Outcome published

    06 Dec 2021

Key documents


On 2 December 2021, the ACMA Authority agreed to make the Radiocommunications (Digital Radio Channels – Queensland) Plan Variation 2021 (No. 1). It is now on the Federal Register of Legislation.

The variation made changes to the:

  • Brisbane digital radio channel plan
  • Gold Coast radio channel plan.


On 11 August 2021, we made a correction to a figure in Appendix I of the consultation paper. 

Under the ‘Bearing or Sector (Clockwise direction)’ column, the first row was incorrectly showing the figure of 0°T – 125°T. This has been adjusted to 0°T – 12°T.  

On 5 August 2021, we made a correction to a figure in Appendix D of the consultation paper.

Under the ‘Difference (Alternative 1 – September 2020 proposal)’ column, the figure -86,276 for the row  ‘Urban Indoor (>70 dBµV/m @ 10 m)’ was changed to -28,436.

On 4 August 2021, we made corrections to figures in Appendix H of the consultation paper.

Under the ‘Alternative 1’ column, the figures of 128 and 685 for the row ‘RCRS NE Zone RA1 (Childers)’ were updated to 685 and 61 respectively. 

Previous consultation: The issue

The Queensland DRCP contains the digital radio channel plans for the Brisbane RA1 and Gold Coast RA1 licence areas.


We are proposing to make changes to the technical specifications for the main Brisbane digital radio multiplex transmitter (DRMT) licences in the Brisbane RA1 licence area. The changes would reduce or remove some effective radiated power restrictions that are currently in place. The power restrictions are known as the ‘Brisbane notch’.

Gold Coast

We are proposing to include a technical specification for an alternative main DRMT site at Lower Beechmont. The proposal to include the technical specification in the Gold Coast DRCP is part of the planning arrangements we put in place to facilitate the rollout of digital radio services in the Gold Coast RA1 licence area.

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