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Proposal to remake the anti-terrorism standards - consultation 22/2021

The anti-terrorism standards for narrowcast television services are due to sunset on 1 October 2021. We are seeking your views on remaking the standards in a single instrument with only minor changes.

Consultation number
IFC 22/2021
Closing in 39 days (21 July 2021)
In progress

Key documents

The issue

The Broadcasting Services (Anti-terrorism Requirements for Subscription Television Narrowcasting Services) Standard 2011 and the Broadcasting Services (Anti-terrorism Requirements for Open Narrowcasting Television Services) Standard 2011 are due to sunset on 1 October 2021.

The standards aim to prevent the broadcast of programs on subscription and open narrowcast television that:

  • advocate a terrorist act
  • encourage people to join or finance listed terrorists.

Since the anti-terrorism standards were introduced in 2006, community concern about terrorism and seriously harmful material has persisted. Counter-terrorism continues to be a priority policy area for the Australian Government.

Find out more about sunsetting.

Have your say

We would like feedback on our proposal to remake the anti-terrorism standards as a single instrument. We also propose to make minor changes to align with current drafting practices and existing legislation.

Targeted questions are included in the consultation paper, or you can give your general views on the proposal.

Publication of submissions

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