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Accredited persons scheme - consultation 08/2021

We are consulting on draft instruments and changes to the accredited persons scheme.

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IFC 08/2021
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    Open for comment

    09 Mar 2021
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    Consultation closed

    06 Apr 2021
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    Submissions published

    01 Jul 2021
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    Outcome Published

    01 Jul 2021

Key documents


We have considered the submissions and approved new and amended regulatory instruments. More information on those instruments can be found on the accredited persons section of our website.

Original consultation: The issue

The accredited persons scheme (AP scheme) was established in 1996. It was created to make spectrum management more efficient by allowing accredited persons to perform specific activities. These activities include technical assessment, coordination and assignment.

The Radiocommunications Legislation Amendment (Reform and Modernisation) Act 2020 removes and replaces sections of the Radiocommunications Act 1992. Because of this, we need to make certain legislative instruments to preserve the operation of the AP scheme.

These draft instruments also include 2 major changes to the scheme:

  • removing the requirement for applicants to provide a Deed of Indemnity
  • introducing a new kind of accreditation – the Specific Licensing Accreditation.

We have published a range of consultations and materials related to the Modernisation Act: 

Our approach to licensing and allocation information paper

Changes to class licences

Radiocommunications equipment rules

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