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Compliance priorities 2021–22 – consultation 02/2021

We’re developing our compliance priorities for our 2021–22 work program.

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IFC 02/2021
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    04 Feb 2021
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    05 Mar 2021

Key documents

The issue

Our compliance priorities focus on areas of significant public interest or issues causing negative impacts on the community, including consumer harm.

These areas of activity guide our efforts to deliver effective compliance and, where necessary, targeted enforcement action.

We value your views and feedback to inform our work program. Past feedback directly informed the development of our current compliance priorities.

Have your say

As we develop our compliance priorities for the 2021–22 work program, we’d like to hear about any new issues of public interest, or those causing consumer harm.

Please think about the following questions:

  • What are the matters of significant public interest or concern?
  • What are the potential and actual causes of harm to consumers?
  • What are the high level risks of non-compliance, including from technological developments?
  • What are the emerging issues where we can encourage compliant behaviour, deter non-compliance or boost public confidence?
  • What are the technological or market developments that test the effectiveness of the regulatory framework?
  • In what specific areas can we clarify the scope and reach of the law?

We’re also interested in your views about whether we should extend any of our 2020–21 compliance priority areas for a further year, and if so, why?

Your views will help us make sure our compliance and enforcement resources are used effectively.

Make a submission

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