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Review of the 2.3 GHz spectrum licencing technical framework - consultation 37/2020

We are reviewing the technical conditions on 2.3 GHz spectrum licences.

Now under review
Consultation number
IFC 37/2020
Days remaining 0 of 46 days
  • 1

    Open for comment

    08 Dec 2020
  • 2

    Consultation closes

    22 Jan 2021

Key documents


After the original publication of this consultation on 8 December 2020, the ACMA made the following updates on 22 December 2020:

  • Update to page 7 of the consultation paper to state that the current Level of Protection (LOP) in the s.145(4) determination is –103.5 dBm/5 MHz.
  • Updates to pages 7 and 20 of the consultation paper to change the reference bandwidth of the proposed LOP from 1 MHz to 5 MHz.

These changes align with the outcomes of the TLG.

The issue

As part of the ACMA’s broader work program, outlined in the Five-year spectrum outlook 2020–24, we are progressively reviewing existing spectrum licence technical frameworks to cater for new developments such as 5G and Advanced Antenna Systems.

We have recently completed a review of the 2.3 GHz spectrum licence technical framework and propose a number of changes. The attached paper outlines the basis for the changes and our analysis of the possible effect on other services.

Have your say

We’re seeking feedback from stakeholders about the proposed changes.

This includes assessing the potential impact on new and existing services in adjacent bands.

Make a submission

Use the ‘Upload a submission’ button at the top of this page to upload your submission.

Submissions by post can be sent to:

Manager, Wireless Broadband Section
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box 78, Belconnen ACT 2616

Submissions are due by 22 January 2021.

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