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Proposed service standards for superfast fixed broadband services - consultation 33/2020

We are proposing new rules for carriage service providers (CSPs) to improve the experience of consumers using superfast fixed broadband services.

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IFC 33/2020
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    Open for comment

    10 Nov 2020
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    Consultation closed

    09 Dec 2020
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    Submissions published

    22 Feb 2021

Key documents

The issue

Most Australians have, or soon will have, their internet (and often fixed phone) services delivered over the NBN or other networks that provide superfast carriage services.

The number of us relying on online connections at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the worth of these networks. With service standards still a problem for many, the importance of maintaining connectivity has never been higher.

We want the proposed new rules to drive improved telco standards. These rules are intended to:

  • ensure telcos pass on to affected customers certain wholesale rebate received from NBN Co and other superfast broadband network operators
  • make retail CSPs give clear commitments on the service levels they will provide, and the remedies they will offer customers when these levels are not met
  • improve the service consumers receive from internet and fixed phone providers
  • be flexible enough for telcos to compete on service quality and gain and keep customers. 

Have your say

The ACMA invites your views on the issues in the consultation paper, or any other issues relevant to this consultation.

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