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Proposal to vary the Grafton licence area plan - consultation 26/2020

We would like to allow commercial radio service 2GF to broadcast in FM. To do this, we want to make spectrum available on another frequency for community radio station 2TLC.

Now under review
Consultation number
IFC 26/2020
Days remaining 0 of 32 days
  • 1

    Open for comment

    25 Aug 2020
  • 2

    Consultation closed

    25 Sep 2020
  • 3

    Submissions published

    08 Nov 2020
  • 4

    Outcome published

    25 Nov 2020

Key documents


On 13 November 2020, the ACMA made the Variation to Licence Area Plan – Grafton Radio 2020 (No. 1).

The issue

We want to vary the Grafton licence area plan (LAP). This will involve changing the transmission of commercial radio station 2GF to broadcast on FM. It may have an impact on reception, signal quality and broadcast coverage.

We are also making spectrum available on a different frequency for community radio broadcasting service 2TLC to continue to service listeners in the area.

Have your say

We welcome your comments on the issues raised in this paper, or any other issues relevant to the LAP variations proposed.

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