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Remaking the Parental Lock Standard - consultation 17/2020

We are proposing a minor remake of the Parental Lock Standard, which is due to sunset on 1 October 2020. More broadly, we would also like to find out the public’s views on the Standard.


Consultation number
IFC 17/2020
Closing in 22 days (31 July 2020)
In progress

Key documents

The issue

The Broadcasting and Datacasting Services (Parental Lock) Technical Standard is due to sunset on 1 October 2020. The Standard is currently working effectively and therefore the ACMA proposes to remake the Standard with minor changes.

The Standard was made under the Australian Communications and Media Authority (Development of Technical Standards for Domestic Digital Television Reception Equipment) Direction No. 1 of 2009. This required the ACMA to exercise the power under subsection 130B(1) of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and make the Technical Standard.

The Standard sets out the rules for Australian reception equipment by:

  • Describing parental lock functions.
  • Requiring parental lock functions to use program classification codes.
  • Setting program classification levels where users must be able to use parental lock. This means programs classified at or above these levels will be blocked.

However, the ACMA acknowledges the technological advances and other changes to the industry in the past 10 years. As a result, we are seeking the public’s views and information on the place of the Standard in the regulatory framework. We may need to review or revoke the Standard in the long term.

Find out more about sunsetting.

Have your say

The ACMA is seeking public comment on our proposal to remake the Parental Lock Standard. We also want the public’s views on the Standard and its place in the regulatory framework. Targeted questions are included in the consultation paper, or you can give your general views on the proposal.

Make a submission

Use the ‘Upload a submission’ button at the top of this page to send us your views.

Submissions by post can be sent to:

The Manager
Broadcasting Carriage Policy
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box 78
Belconnen ACT 2616

You can email consultation enquiries to

Publication of submissions

Read about the ACMA’s policy regarding the publication of submissions

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