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803–960 MHz band: Implementation of arrangements to support Milestone 3 - consultation 12/2020

The 803–960 MHz band review called for changes to the frequency ranges given to different service types.

Consultation number
IFC 12/2020
Closing in 14 days (08 June 2020)
In progress

Key documents

The Issue

The review included changes to the allocations for point-to-multipoint and some point-to-point services. These require official and legal documents to be updated to support the services changing to new frequencies.  

We need to update the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Fixed Licence) Determination 2015 and other Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instructions (RALIs). We would like your views on the proposed changes.

The ACMA is seeking comment on changes to documents that implement the next stage of the 803–960 MHz band review.

The proposed changes align with those detailed for key date 5 in support of Milestone 3, as outlined in our decision paper, ‘The ACMA’s long-term strategy for the 803-960 MHz band’. This is illustrated in the implementation timelines PDF located in the key documents section on this page.

We propose the revisions come into effect on 1 July 2020.

The ACMA is proposing to update the following documents:

  • Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Fixed Licence) Determination 2015
    • Expanding the applicable frequency ranges for the LCD to include new fixed services segments
  • RALI FX 16 – Frequency assignment requirements for the point-to-multipoint service in the VHF high, 400 MHz and 800 MHz bands
    • Remove legacy band (853.5–854/929.5–930 MHz) arrangements from FX16
  • RALI FX 17 – Frequency assignment requirements for narrowband single channel two frequency point-to-point services in the VHF high and 400 MHz bands
    • Remove all 800/900 MHz provisions from FX17
  • RALI FX 22 – Frequency assignment requirements for the fixed service in the 800 MHz band
    • Move Sound Outside Broadcast arrangements from FX11 to FX22 to consolidate all 800 MHz fixed point-to-point arrangements into one RALI
    • Include more guidance into FX22 about use of antenna RPE
  • RALI LM 08 – Frequency assignment requirements for the land mobile service
    • Add new channel arrangements (for 806–809/851–854 MHz)
  • RALI MS 40 – Frequency plan for services in the 800 MHz band (803–890 MHz)
    • Update to include implementation provisions to enable suppression of Embargo 64
  • RALI MS 41 – Frequency plan for services in the 900 MHz band (890–960 MHz)
    • Update to include implementation provisions to enable suppression of Embargo 64

We propose to roll the provisions in Embargo 64 into the 800 and 900 MHz band plans (RALIs MS 40 and MS 41). This will help us to put the review in place and remove Embargo 64.

The proposed updates to RALI LM 08 will temporarily keep old 800 MHz trunk land mobile channeling arrangements (in 820–825/865–870 MHz) alongside the new arrangements. We will remove old arrangements no later than 30 June 2023.

We are putting forward some minor editorial updates to keep these documents current.

We are also proposing to withdraw SPP 6/93, RALI FX 10 and RALI FX 11 as they will not be needed after these updates.

This is the fourth round of updates to implement the review. We will make further changes to planning documents as milestones occur. These are detailed in the decision paper.

Have your say

The ACMA invites comments on the issues outlined above and detailed in the attached key documents.

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