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Proposal to vary the Nowra licence area plan - consultation 01/2020

We would like to allow commercial radio service 2ST to broadcast in FM, and radio service 2UUU to increase the power of its transmitter at Shoalhaven Heads.

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IFC 01/2020
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    Open for comment

    15 Jan 2020
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    Consultation closed

    28 Feb 2020

Key documents


The issue

We’re proposing to vary the Nowra licence area plan (LAP). This will mean that the commercial radio station 2ST can broadcast on FM (which may have an impact on listeners’ reception or signal quality, and some may need to retune).

The variation would also increase the power of the Shoalhaven Heads transmitter for community radio service 2UUU, reducing interference issues and enhancing signal quality.

We’ve also received a request to plan a new commercial radio broadcasting service in the Nowra area. We’re seeking views from the community, and in particular from potential licensees, whether it would be viable providing a service with coverage across the Nowra commercial licence area.

Have your say

We welcome your comments on the issues raised in this paper, or any other issues relevant to the licence area plan (LAP) variations proposed.


The ACMA received nine submissions to this consultation.

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