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Impartiality and commercial influence in broadcast news - consultation 02/2020

We’re exploring whether current regulatory arrangements are working effectively to safeguard the integrity of broadcast news and current affairs.

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IFC 02/2020
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    17 Jan 2020
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    28 Feb 2020

Key documents


We have now closed our consultation on the Impartiality and commercial influence in broadcast news discussion paper and have published non-confidential submissions.

While the issues raised in these submissions are important, we have decided to defer our further review of these matters due to current industry pressures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The submissions do not reflect the views, policy or position of the ACMA.

The issue

Quality news is essential for effective participation in democracy and civil society. Ongoing disruption to the media environment has raised concerns over the integrity of news in both online and traditional news sources.

Our research has flagged issues of impartiality and commercial influence as key areas of consumer concern.

We’ve released a discussion paper that provides a framework for public consultation on these issues.


View our related research, Australians and news—impartiality and commercial influence, which consists of:

  • a review of literature and research: News in Australia—Impartiality and commercial influence
  • qualitative research: Australians and news—Impartiality and commercial influence
  • quantitative research: Attitudes to news today—Impartiality and commercial influence

Have your say

We’re seeking your comments on impartiality and commercial influence in broadcast news, to test whether the current regulatory framework continues to deliver appropriate community safeguards.

We welcome comment on the issues raised in the discussion paper. Submissions should refer to the questions set out at the end of the chapters on impartiality and commercial influence.

Submissions may be used to inform future regulatory review and development.

Make a submission

Use the ‘Make a submission’ button at the top of this page to upload your submission. Submissions in PDF, Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format are preferred.

You can leave a comment on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

Submissions by post can be sent to:

The Manager
Content Projects and Policy Section
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box Q500, Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Consultation enquiries can be emailed to

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