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Review of regulation of telecommunications customer cabling - Consultation 38/2018

ACMA welcomes comments on the paper Review of regulation of telecommunications customer cabling

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IFC 38/2018
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    Open for comment

    20 Nov 2018
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    Consultation closed

    20 Dec 2018
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    Outcome published

    16 Feb 2021

Key documents

Outcome of this consultation

We thank the many stakeholders who submitted feedback to this consultation.

A summary of key themes raised in submissions, and our response to each, is contained in the document Customer cabling consultation: ACMA response in the ‘Key documents’ box above.

As a result of the feedback received, we:

  • have written to state and territory electrical safety regulators to draw their attention to the potential challenges to existing electrical safety regulation due to the convergence of electrical cabling and communications cabling
  • support the work of Communications Alliance in considering the impact of this convergence, and will continue to participate in any follow-up meetings to the exploratory meetings conducted in 2020
  • will continue to work with the 5 cabling registrars, the ICT Industry Reference Committee and the wider cabling sector to ensure that the training provided to cablers and the types of registration available continues to be fit-for-purpose.


Original consultation: Executive summary

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulates telecommunications customer cabling to ensure that minimum cabling requirements are in place to promote safety and maintain the integrity of the telecommunications network. While the policy and legislative basis for customer cabling regulation has not changed since its inception, the technical and commercial environment around it has seen significant changes in recent years.

Given the extent of developments within the telecommunications industry, it is timely to ask whether the risks that regulation was originally intended to mitigate are still present. If the risks remain, do they still require regulation and, if so, of what type and to what extent?

This review will focus on the regulation of the cabling work as performed by cabling providers. It does not examine the arrangements for the supply of telecommunications customer equipment and cabling products. It is intended that supply arrangements be addressed at a later stage following the development of the Equipment Rules, which are anticipated to be required under the new Radiocommunications Bill.

Issue for comment

The ACMA welcomes comment from stakeholders on the issues set out in the consultation paper Review of regulation of telecommunications customer cabling.

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