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Proposed area-wide apparatus licence - consultation 19/2019

The ACMA is proposing to develop a new transmitter and receiver licence type, referred to as the area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) type

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IFC 19/2019
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    09 Jul 2019
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    09 Aug 2019

Key documents


‘The ACMA received 19 submissions from members of industry, peak bodies and government agencies. You can find our response to these submissions and planned actions in the key documents section on this web page.

In January 2019, the ACMA decided to make the new AWL licence type. Find out more about the AWL type and our approach to introducing it.  

Executive summary

The ACMA is proposing to develop a new transmitter and receiver licence type, referred to as the area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) type. This new licence type is intended to benefit spectrum users by complementing existing licensing options and improving apparatus licensing flexibility, particularly by providing a scalable licensing option to support area-wide multi-device deployments. 

The AWL type is intended to authorise the operation of one or more radiocommunications devices within a defined geographic area at a frequency or frequencies specified on the licence, subject to the conditions included on the issued licence. 

The licence type will be scalable, enabling its use for different-sized geographic areas and bandwidths. Unlike existing apparatus licence types, which typically align with specific uses and purposes, the AWL type will be capable of authorising a variety of fixed and mobile services, uses, applications and technologies. 

To give effect to the new licence type, the ACMA is proposing regulatory changes to elements of the apparatus licensing framework and the development of a new licence condition determination for the AWL type. Drafts of the relevant instruments are included as attachments to the consultation paper.

Issues for comment

The ACMA welcomes comment from interested stakeholders on the issues raised in this consultation paper or any other issues relevant to the proposed AWL type. In particular, the ACMA seeks responses to the following questions:

  1. Do you think the proposed characteristics of the AWL type will support your current or intended network deployments? Are there any kinds of deployments that you believe the AWL type should support and currently does not?
  2. Which bands and/or geographic areas do you believe would be conducive to the use of an AWL?
  3. What technical and other matters do you believe the ACMA should consider in deciding to use AWL licensing in a particular band?
  4. Do you have any other comments on the AWL concept?


Publication of submissions

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