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Class licensing updates: Supporting 5G and other technology innovations - Consultation 45/2018

The ACMA invites comments on the draft Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence Variation 2019 (No. 1)

Now under review
Consultation number
IFC 45/2018
Days remaining 0 of 32 days
  • 1

    Open for comment

    22 Jan 2019
  • 2

    Consultation closed

    22 Feb 2019

Key documents

Executive summary

The ACMA is proposing updates to class licensing arrangements supporting 5G and other technology innovations to be implemented by varying the Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2015(LIPD Class Licence).

The purpose of the update is to support new technology applications and bring Australia into line with international arrangements which support standardized and efficient equipment supply arrangements.

The proposed updates consider:

  • updating and expending existing 60 GHz arrangements (57–66 GHz) for data communication systems, including 5G. Specifically:
    • adding 66–71 GHz frequency band
    • updating existing arrangements in 57–66 GHz band regarding indoor and outdoor data communications systems.
  • adding new arrangements for ‘All transmitters’ in the 57–64 GHz band.
  • revising arrangements for underground transmitters in certain bands supporting fixed and mobile services between 70–520 MHz
  • adding support for higher power radiodetermination transmitters i.e. radars operating in the 76–77 GHz frequency band
  • adding support for ground and wall penetration radar as adjunct to current apparatus licence arrangements (30–12400 MHz)
  • aligning existing arrangements for ultra-wideband devices with US and European arrangements for generic (indoor and hand-held) devices (3100–3400 MHz and 8500–9000 MHz) and aircraft applications (6000–8500 MHz).

In addition to proposed variation, the ACMA invites suggestions from industry and individuals on devices and technologies for possible future updates to be included on the list of transmitters authorized under the LIPD Class.

Issue for comment

The ACMA welcomes comment from stakeholders on the issues set out in the consultation paper Proposed updates to class licensing arrangements supporting 5G and other technology innovations.

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