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Cabling products that do not need a label

Before you apply a label to your cabling product, check whether we can give you an exemption (waive your need to comply).

Products that do not need a label

You might not have to apply a compliance label to certain cabling products, including:

  • cables
  • connectors
  • distributors
  • patch panels

Under certain conditions, we can give you an exemption (waive your need to comply).

Your cabling product must still comply with the Telecommunications Technical Standard (Requirements for customer cabling products – AS/CA S008) 2015

A registered cabler must also install it.

Check Schedule 4 of the Telecommunications (Labelling Notice for Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Instrument 2015 (the TLN).

How to get an exemption

To get an exemption:

  1. complete the Notice of intention not to apply a compliance label to particular cabling items (T004) (103 KB DOC) form
  2. forward the form to us

If the information on your form changes, tell us within 21 days. Otherwise you are not complying with our rules.

To let you know you have an exemption, we include you in our list of cabling suppliers.

When you have an exemption

Even when you have an exemption, you must:

  • make sure your product complies with our technical standards
  • keep compliance records
  • keep a product register

Your product register must:

  • be available to the public on the internet
  • list each cabling product you supply under the exemption
  • identify each product by its unique marking and label (for example, a manufacturer’s part number or other designation that identifies the cable)
If you do not have a product register, it is the same as failing to apply a compliance label. Our labelling notices set out penalties.

Cabling suppliers with an exemption

We update this list to include new cabling suppliers. Last updated: November 2023

Organisations that currently supply cabling products with an exemption are:

  • Aussie Switchboards Pty Ltd 
  • Belden Australia Pty Ltd
  • CERTECH Pty Ltd
  • CommScope Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (Systimax Solutions)
  • Corning Optical Communications Pty Ltd (formerly Corning Cable Systems)
  • Draka Elevator Products
  • Dueltek Pty Ltd
  • Firesense Pty Ltd
  • General Cable Australia Pty Ltd
  • Krone (Australia) 
  • KSM Australia Pty Ltd  
  • Madison Technologies
  • Maser Communications (Australia) PTY LTD
  • Metal Manufactures Ltd (T/A Rushmore Distributors) 
  • Molex Premise Networks 
  • Omega Power Equipment 
  • Panduit International Limited 
  • PDL Industries 
  • Platinum Cables Pty Ltd 
  • Prysmian Power Cables & Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Reichle & De-Massari Australia Pty Ltd (R&M)
  • Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd (formerly Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Siemens Ltd 
  • Siemon Australia 
  • Tyco Electrics Pty Ltd
  • Warren & Brown Technologies Pty Ltd
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