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Gumtree users are warned to be wary of scammers


The ACMA is warning Gumtree users to be wary of scammers sending fake WhatsApp or SMS messages.

Scammers are messaging Gumtree sellers with a request to click on a link to 'receive funds' for the listed item and organise ‘Gumtree shipment’. 

These links lead to a fake Australia Post website which is designed to steal your personal and financial information.

Gumtree does NOT offer delivery and is not affiliated with any delivery service. If you receive one of these messages don’t click on the link or enter your payment details.

Find out more about scams targeting Gumtree users or Australia Post customers.

If you receive one of these SMS messages:

  • Report it to Scamwatch
  • Delete the message and block the number if it is unknown
  • Do not call the number unless you are sure you recognise it
  • If you have lost personal information to a scammer you can contact IDCARE or call 1800 595 160


Scammers target everyone! Find out more about how to protect yourself from phone scams.


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