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Symbio directed to comply after public safety failures

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The ACMA has directed Symbio Networks Pty Ltd (Symbio) to comply with customer data obligations after prolonged and large-scale data failures which could have put people in danger.

An ACMA investigation found over one million instances where Symbio, when uploading customer data on behalf of another telco, did not accurately identify the telco providing the services in the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) used by law enforcement and emergency services.

Symbio’s failure is a public safety issue, as investigations into criminal activity can be hampered when the telco responsible for a service cannot be identified.

This is the latest action in the ACMA’s ongoing campaign to improve the accuracy of the IPND to reduce the risk of consumer harm.

Should Symbio fail to comply with this obligation in the Integrated Public Number Database Industry Code in future, the ACMA can commence proceedings in Federal Court for civil penalties of up to $250,000 per contravention.

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