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Telstra undertakes to comply with NBN consumer rules


The ACMA has accepted a new court-enforceable undertaking (EU) from Telstra requiring it to continue to implement new measures to support ongoing compliance with rules designed to ensure consumers have a smooth migration to the NBN.

Under these rules, a telco must provide a replacement service after three working days of a customer being left without a service during a failed attempt to connect to the NBN. Additional rules require that, if after another 20 working days the NBN connection is still not working, the telco must develop a remedial plan to address the issue. If the service is still not working after 40 working days, it must conduct a technical audit to identify the necessary steps to complete the migration.

This is the second EU the ACMA has accepted from Telstra in relation to these rules. Under the first EU, Telstra’s compliance with the rules improved significantly.  However, there continued to be reported non-compliance in relation to orders being managed on an interim platform that Telstra is in the process of phasing out. 

The scope of this new EU is focused on ensuring that any required remedial plans or audits are provided for the small group of NBN migration orders that continue to be managed on the interim platform. This was necessary as Telstra had not automated the delivery of remedial plans and technical audits for NBN migration orders on this interim platform as had been required under the first EU which expired on 30 August 2021.

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