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ACMA warns of SMS malware scams

Picture of a mobile phone screen with scam alert wording across it

Be aware of scam SMS messages with unusual looking links to a purported voicemail message.

The ACMA is aware of current reports about consumers receiving unexpected messages with a link to access a missed call or voicemail.

If you’ve received one of these messages, do not open the link. The messages are generated by malware called Flubot. If you open the link, the malware may use your contact list to send similar text messages to other people without your knowledge, potentially infecting their device. It may also access your personal information and banking details.

If you receive one of these SMS messages:

  • Report it to Scamwatch
  • Delete the message and block the number if it is unknown
  • Do not call the number unless you are sure you recognise it
  • If the malware installs, contact your bank and ensure your accounts are secure
  • You may also want to reach out to an IT professional or your telco for further assistance
  • If you have lost personal information to a scammer you can contact IDCARE or call 1800 595 160
  • You can also make a report to ReportCyber if you have been a victim of this cybercrime.

Scammers target everyone! Find out more about how to protect yourself from phone scams here.

For more information, please contact ACMA Media on 0438 375 776 or

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