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Study highlights advances in Australian space sector


Radiocommunications is an essential element of the space industry, and at the ACMA we are witnessing rapid advances in Australian space activities. The booming Aussie space sector generated an estimated $5.7 billion in 2020, with 829 businesses supporting 15,234 jobs (as reported in a recent IBIS World publication).

This was underlined by a significant increase in satellite networks operating in Australia. With heightened levels of interest in essential spectrum resources, our new market study on the Australian space sector examines the local industry and implications for our management of the radiofrequency spectrum.

The paper highlights recent increases in our domestic and international regulatory activity to approve and licence new satellite networks to operate in Australia. It also explores our efforts to optimise satellite communication pathways and support new and emerging technologies.

Much of the growth in new satellite networks is generated by new entrants to the industry. In future, this will require an increased focus on helping them navigate the complex satellite regulatory process, as well as supporting innovation in space-based communication systems.

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