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ACMA allocates community broadcasting licence in Mt Barker


The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has decided to allocate a long-term community radio broadcasting licence in the Mt Barker area of the Adelaide Hills to Lofty Community Media Incorporated (Lofty).

The licence will be used to provide a community radio service which will broadcast on the frequency of 88.9MHz.

The ACMA advertised for applications for the licence in October 2019 and carefully considered all applications against the criteria set out in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

In making its decision to allocate the license the ACMA considered the extent to which the proposed services would meet the needs of the local community, and the capacity of the applicants to provide the proposed service.

Community radio plays an important role in Australia delivering content that is diverse and relevant to the local community.

The ACMA decided that Lofty presented the strongest case that it has the capacity to provide its proposed community broadcasting service. The ACMA considers that community participation and engagement are the cornerstone of community broadcasting and Lofty’s application demonstrated a strong focus on encouraging community participation in the operations and programming of the station.

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