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Foxtel pays $25,200 for telemarketing breaches


13 December 2018

Foxtel Management Pty Ltd has paid a $25,200 infringement notice for breaching laws that require telemarketers to end a call immediately when asked.

An ACMA investigation found that Foxtel continued to sell its products and services within calls after consumers indicated they wanted to end the calls. The ACMA also found Foxtel did not have adequate contractual arrangements in place with a call centre it used.

‘Consumers have the right to end a telemarketing call at any time during the call. It’s unacceptable for a call to continue once someone has indicated they want it to stop,’ said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

‘The ACMA will act when aggressive marketing practices don’t meet acceptable standards,’ said Ms O’Loughlin.

This year, the ACMA has cracked down on businesses breaking telemarketing laws. Businesses have paid a total of $368,400* in infringement notices.

‘Telemarketers are on notice to listen and respond appropriately to consumers and take their obligations seriously,’ added Ms O’Loughlin.

The Telemarketing Industry Standard sets out minimum obligations for all telemarketing calls that set out clearly permitted calling times, the information to be provided during calls and when calls must be terminated.

Penalties for businesses in breach of Australia’s telemarketing laws, include formal warnings, infringement notices or action in the Federal Court.

Help reduce unwanted communications:

  • report breaches to the ACMA
  • reduce telemarketing by putting your number on the Do Not Call Register
  • sign-up to the ACMA’s e-bulletin on telemarketing compliance
  • learn more about the Telemarketing Industry Standard

MR 39/2018

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