Telco Service Holdings warned for privacy breach | ACMA

Telco Service Holdings warned for privacy breach

Telco Service Holdings Pty Ltd has received a formal warning from the ACMA for breaching the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (TCP Code) rules on protecting customer privacy.

In September 2012, Telco Service Holdings sent the bills of approximately 462 customers to some of its other customers. The ACMA’s investigation followed a complaint from a customer.

In deciding to issue a warning, the ACMA took into account that the underlying cause of the problem was an error in a billing system, which was quickly rectified, and that there has been no recurrence of the problem.

Since the TCP Code was registered in September 2012, the ACMA has:

  • issued 110 formal warnings
  • given 10 directions to comply
  • given one infringement notice for contravening a direction to comply.

Last updated: 10 June 2015