New future for numbering | ACMA

New future for numbering

Australia will have a new numbering allocation system from August 2015.  This follows a decision by the ACMA to outsource a broader range of numbering allocation services. 

The ACMA has successfully outsourced some of its number allocation functions for a decade to the Industry Number Management Services (INMS). 

Partnering with an outsourced provider for a broader range of numbering services should bring further efficiencies for government, consumers and industry.  The ACMA has found such partnerships to be effective in giving appropriate responsibility to industry for the provision of administrative arrangements consistent with the co- and self-regulation approach identified by the Telecommunications Act 1997. 

The outsourcing arrangements also aim to boost industry innovation and productivity, consistent with the government’s deregulation agenda. 

An open tender was issued on 31 January 2014 to identify a provider for these services following the conclusion of the ACMA’s contract with INMS in July 2015.  Interested parties should register on the government’s Austender website to access tender documents and any updates.  

Last updated: 02 August 2013