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Proposal to vary the Numbering Plan

Consultation closes: 29 February 2016

IFC: 2/2016

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On 17 March 2016, the ACMA agreed to vary the Numbering Plan to bring into effect the changes below. Please refer to the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 and the Telecommunications Numbering Plan Variation 2016 (No. 1).

We received one submission in response to this consultation from Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra).

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Consultation paper:
Proposal to vary the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015

351 kB

Draft Telecommunications Numbering Plan Variation 2016 (No.1)

44 kB


The ACMA proposes to vary the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 to make numbering arrangements clearer, easier to understand and more accessible for industry and consumers.

The ACMA is proposing the following key changes: 

  • Allowing automatic approval of applications for the allocation of a freephone or local rate number (FLRN) in special circumstances where the application is from the carriage service provider (CSP) that last held the number, and is made on behalf of the customer who was last issued the number. Further, to allow the ACMA to accept such an application as complete without pre-payment of the associated charge, if the ACMA has determined that proposed new section 64(5) applies to applicant CSP.
  • Providing that where a FLRN has been ported, the gaining CSP can effectively surrender the number when the service connected to the number has been cancelled.
  • Clarifying the issues that the ACMA must consider when receiving an application to surrender numbers in a block that is not a multiple of the standard unit for the type of numbers.

The following minor amendments are also proposed:

  • Clarifying that the requirement to report holdings of digital mobile numbers to the ACMA for the purposes of the annual numbering charge applies to all CSPs who hold digital mobile numbers.
  • Clarifying that when the ACMA has not made a particular decision within a specified timeframe, the decision is deemed to be refused.
  • Making an editorial change to ensure the accuracy of the Numbering Plan.
  • Removing from the list of reviewable decisions a decision to cancel the enhanced rights of use when the number has not been allocated for three years, as this decision is not a decision that the ACMA has any discretion in making (if there has been no use for three years, the ACMA must cancel the enhanced rights of use).

A consultation paper provides background on this proposal and a copy of the draft Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 is also available from the Downloads table above.