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All about numbers

The ACMA is required to maintain the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 2015 (the Numbering Plan) under the Telecommunications Act 1997, which provides for the availability, allocation and portability of numbers in Australia, including their use, transfer and withdrawal.

The Numbering Plan covers geographic numbers, freephone numbers (1800), local rate numbers (13, 1300), premium rate numbers (19) and mobile phone numbers.

New number ranges are developed in consultation with the ACMA’s Numbering Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of representatives from telephone companies, government bodies and organisations representing consumer and user interests.

Below is a list of useful pages about the management, creation and administering of different sorts of numbers in regions around Australia:

  1. Applying for numbers

  2. Managing numbers

  3. Register of other numbers 

  4. New numbers

  5. Numbering Plan

  6. Annual numbering charges

  7. Eight-digit numbering 

  8. Numbering Advisory Committee 

  9. Numbering plan consultation

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