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ZOAK's numbers add up

The Australian Communications and Media Authority announced today that it has awarded ZOAK Solutions the contract to provide allocation and administrative services for Australia’s telephone numbers.

ZOAK Solutions, a Melbourne based company, is a specialist in the development of complex, transaction-based internet systems and service delivery and support. It is part of the Bombora Technologies Group, best known for its work as the registry operator for all .au domain names on behalf of the .au Domain Name Administration (auDA).

In January 2014, the ACMA announced that the range of numbering services delegated by the ACMA to an outsourced provider would be significantly expanded and open to competitive tender. ‘Our focus in this tender process has been to find an organisation that will provide numbering services in a manner that both delivers value and provides scope for innovation,’ said ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman.

The initial seven year contract will see ZOAK Solutions build a new numbering allocation system and provide all numbering allocation and administrative services from August 2015.

‘This key project will pave the way for more efficient delivery of numbering services to our clients. We are pleased to be working with ZOAK Solutions, a company intent on delivering an outstanding customer experience for users of the ACMA’s numbering services,’ Mr Chapman said.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Emma Rossi, Media Manager, (02) 9334 7719 and 0434 652 063 or media@acma.gov.au.  

Media release 55/2014 - 15 September


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The signing of the Numbering Services contract with ZOAK Solutions represents a significant milestone in the ACMA’s continuing reform of Australia’s telecommunications regulation and numbering arrangements.

During 2010 and 2011 the ACMA examined Australia’s numbering arrangements to ascertain whether they were efficient and effective. Following consultation with industry, the ACMA formed a view, (supported by industry) that an actively managed evolutionary path to regulatory reform will minimise the short term adjustment costs to industry and information costs to consumers, while limiting any unintended consequences from changes to the regulatory settings.

Subsequently, the ACMA examined alternatives for the sustainable provision of numbering services in the long term. It found that expanding the range of numbering allocation and administrative services that were outsourced by the ACMA would produce the best outcome for stakeholders. It also concluded that the market, if tested, may be able to deliver numbering services more efficiently and innovatively than existing arrangements.

The completion of the tender process has confirmed this to be the case. Under the contract, ZOAK Solutions will be providing an expanded range of services to those provided by the ACMA’s present delegate, INMS, but at a comparative price. As such, it is consistent with the Government’s commitment to increasing the efficiency in government service provision and decreasing the cost of regulatory activities.

In addition, the consolidation of numbering allocation and administrative services into a single outsourced contract will allow the replacement of several legacy numbering systems with state of the art technology.

The ACMA is fully aware of the importance of the numbering resource to the provision of telecommunications services and will work in partnership with industry, ZOAK Solutions and the outgoing service provider to facilitate a smooth transition.

This is a significant change to the way that Australia’s numbering resources are administered, but is an important step in its continuing evolution. The ACMA looks forward to continuing this work in partnership with industry to reform the arrangements over the short, medium and long term.

Last updated: 14 April 2016