Registering to Receive Numbering Updates | ACMA

Registering to Receive Numbering Updates

The ACMA’s Numbering System provides a Registered Inquirer notification service to assist interested parties with obtaining timely and relevant numbering updates. Numbering updates include information such as the introduction of new number prefixes (e.g. 05xx when the existing 04xx mobile numbers are exhausted). Anyone can become a Registered Inquirer and there is no charge.

You are able to register for a Registered Inquirer account though the ACMA’s Numbering System (click on the CSP tab). If you have already registered on the Numbering System, please ensure your account details are kept up to date (contact phone number and email address). For assistance accessing the Numbering System, please contact the Numbering System help desk on 1300 463 580.

Last updated: 26 September 2016