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Fixed-line performance reports

The ACMA monitors and reports on different types of service delivery performance by telecommunications companies. This data is published annually in the ACMA's Communications reports.

Customer Service Guarantee

The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) specifies maximum time frames for the connection and repair of standard telephone services. There are also maximum timeframes for appointments. The CSG time frames vary depending on the type of request (connection or repair), the location of the service and, for new connections, the proximity of the service to available infrastructure. If carriage service providers (CSPs) do not meet relevant CSG time frames, they may be liable to pay compensation to affected customers.  

Network Reliability Framework

The Network Reliability Framework (NRF) is a consumer safeguard for Telstra's CSG-eligible customers. The purpose of the NRF is to improve the operation of poorly performing parts of, and services in, the Telstra fixed-line telephone network, particularly in regional and rural Australia. The NRF requires monitoring and/or remedying network reliability performance at three levels:

  • Level 1—national and geographical area level, based on Telstra's 44 field service areas (FSAs)
  • Level 2—local level, cable runs in disaggregated parts of the network
  • Level 3—individual service level that includes all Telstra CSG services


As the primary universal service provider, Telstra is responsible for ensuring that payphones are reasonably accessible to all people in Australia on an equitable basis, wherever they reside or carry on a business. 

Priority Assistance

Priority Assistance (PA) is a customer status offered to anyone diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition that depends on a reliable, fixed-line telephone service to be able to call for assistance at any time. Telstra is the only carrier required to provide PA as a condition of its carrier licence. However, other carriage service providers/carriers may provide PA services to their customers in accordance with the Industry Code ACIFC609:2007 Priority Assistance for Life Threatening Medical Conditions Code (the Code). Currently, no provider offers PA under the Code. 

Communications Report

The ACMA’s Communications reports provide an overview of the performance of the communications industry, including  broadcasting, internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications. The following contain links to the annual Communications Reports:

Last updated: 07 November 2018

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