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Pre-selection for industry

Pre-selection—an overview

Pre-selection is a feature provided on standard telephone services. It allows a certain 'basket' of calls to be automatically routed to a pre-selected provider irrespective of which carriage service provider (CSP) is providing local call and access service for that standard telephone service.

Pre-selectable services

Using pre-selection, a customer selects (or nominates) a particular CSP to supply telephone calls that are:

  • national long distance calls
  • international direct dial calls (0011)
  • calls from a fixed-line to a mobile phone
  • certain operator assisted services
  • international ring-back pricing code (0012) calls.

These pre-selectable calls are grouped together in what is termed a 'single basket'. This term is used because only one CSP can be pre-selected to supply the entire contents of the basket.

The different call types cannot be pre-selected individually. Such a concept is known as "multi-basket pre-selection" and is not available in Australia.

Whenever a customer dials the number for any of these types of calls, the call is automatically carried and billed by the pre-selected CSP. Pre-selection is not available for local calls or for any calls originated from mobile phones or public payphones.

Over-ride codes

Customers are able to alter their pre-selection choice on a call by call basis by prefixing an over-ride code to the number dialled. Over-ride codes are four digit numbers commencing with "14". This process allows CSPs to make special offers to customers that have not chosen them for all pre-selectable calls. It also allows competitors to enter the market without offering the full set of pre-selectable call types.

The regulatory framework

Provision of pre-selection is mandatory under Part 17 of the Telecommunications Act 1997  (the Act) and the specific details are set out in two determinations made by the ACMA (formerly the ACA).

The Act and the Determinations require the provision of pre-selection, as well as over-ride dial codes, for standard telephone services.

New regulation

From June 2012, carriers and CSPs are not required to offer pre-selection on wireless services, particularly on interim wireless services in new developments pending the rollout of fixed-line infrastructure. It also removes the requirement to offer pre-selection for services provided over the National Broadband Network.

Pre-selection is still required for services supplied on the copper network and on fibre networks where the network operator also provides retail services.

The industry code

The registered industry code C515:2005 Pre-selection sets out the general rules and operational procedures and timing for CSPs in relation to the delivery of pre-selection.

More information on industry codes is available from:

The ACMA has a role in enforcing compliance with registered telecommunications industry codes.


The ACMA may grant a carrier or CSP an exemption from the requirement to provide pre-selection. In making its decision, the ACMA will consider whether:

  • it is technically feasible for the provider to comply with the requirement
  • compliance with the requirement to provide pre-selection would impose unreasonable financial hardship on the provider.

Before making an exemption decision, the ACMA must consult with the ACCC.

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