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FuzeNet drops the ball on customer complaints-handling


Telecommunications provider, FuzeNet Pty Ltd, has been formally warned by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for not properly identifying and managing customer complaints.

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (the Code) requires all industry participants to have clear and effective complaint-handling processes. Under the rules, telcos must: identify and acknowledge complaints; give each complaint a unique reference number; propose a resolution; keep customers updated on progress and delays; and inform customers who are dissatisfied how they can escalate their concerns. They must also keep complaint-handling records.

The ACMA’s investigation found FuzeNet’s customer service staff failed to identify and record complaints during the June 2016 quarter. In some instances, FuzeNet also closed complaints without the consent of the customer and without recording or advising the customer of the resolution of the complaint.

‘Customers are entitled to have complaints about their telecommunications services handled effectively,’ said ACMA Chair, Nerida O’Loughlin. ‘Telcos cannot just dismiss a customer’s dissatisfaction with a service because the customer did not formally label it as “a complaint”.

‘Apart from being a Code obligation, sound complaint-handling is a key part of quality customer service and good business practice,’ Ms O’Loughlin added.

In issuing a formal warning, the ACMA recognises this is the first time FuzeNet has had enforcement action taken against it, and that the company has indicated it is committed to improve its complaint-handling and customer service.

More information about complaint-handling is available here.

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Media release 41/2017 - 29 November

Last updated: 13 August 2018