What is an AUSkey?

An AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you, or a representative of your business, when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business.

How do I obtain an AUSkey?

To register for an AUSkey, visit the Australian Business Register or phone them on 1300 287 539. When your registration has been approved, the ABR will email you to advise that your AUSkey is ready to be downloaded and installed. The AUSkey can be stored on your computer or on a USB device. Make sure you keep your password secure, never share your access.

Can I use someone else’s AUSkey?

No. It is a breach of the AUSkey terms and conditions to share your AUSkey. Each user needs to register and obtain their own AUSkey.

What if I forget my password?

Visit the Australian Business Register or phone them on 1300 287 539 to request your password be reset.

What do I do once I have an AUSkey?

Please contact our Revenue Assurance Team on (02) 6219 5355 to request access to the TELLER system. We will set you up with a ‘one time token’, which you’ll need for your first time log in.

Some of the fields in the TELLER system are marked red, or say that my answer is ‘invalid’. What does this mean?

This means there is a validation error within those fields. You won’t be able to progress until any error has been addressed. If you are having trouble addressing a validation error, additional information may be available in help button next to the field. Alternatively, please contact the Revenue Assurance Team for assistance.

What if my carrier licensing details in the TELLER system are incorrect?

Information in the ‘carrier group tab’ has been pre-populated based on information previously supplied to the ACMA by the licensed carrier. If these details are incorrect, please update with our Revenue Assurance Team.

What security measures are used in the TELLER system?

The TELLER system incorporates measures such as secure log-on via AUSkey, encoding of information during transfer and storage, and restricted system access to ensure that information is managed in a way that reflects its level of sensitivity. If you have any questions about the security of your information, please contact our Revenue Assurance Team.


Last updated: 24 June 2016