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Reducing telecoms reporting requirements

Issue for comment 14/2014

Submissions received

This consultation closed on Monday 05 May 2014. Responses were received from the following stakeholders:


The ACMA is working closely with the Minister for Communications and the Department of Communications to implement the Communications portfolio response to the government’s deregulation agenda. The ACMA sees the deregulation agenda as a timely opportunity to pursue constructive regulatory reform while focusing on reducing the costs of regulation for business and the community. The ACMA’s Broken concepts analysis has highlighted the regulatory concepts under strain and in need of updating, and in that context the ACMA supports the government’s initiatives to deliver reform through better regulation.

As part of this process, the ACMA is identifying specific areas within our current powers and jurisdiction where we can move quickly to directly reduce the reporting obligations on industry participants in the short and medium term—while retaining important consumer safeguards.

The ACMA sought comment on a number of proposals to reduce industry reporting requirements and consumer information provision obligations in the telecommunications sector. The consultation was made in conjunction with the release by the Department of Communications of its consultation paper, Proposed measures for the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Deregulation Bill No. 1 2014.

The ACMA’s proposals represent the first stage of a broader process examining ways to reduce the cost burden of consumer information provision obligations and industry reporting requirements within our remit.

Comments were sought on the proposals outlined in this paper with a view to implementing initiatives to coincide with the second parliamentary repeal day of 2014.

The consultation paper, Proposals for reductions in telecommunications reporting requirements (Word, PDF) is still available for information.

Last updated: 27 January 2015