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The ACMA & emergency call services

Emergency call service

The Australian emergency service numbers are:

  1. Triple Zero (000)—the primary emergency service number
  2. 106 and 112—secondary emergency service numbers.

The  ACMA regulates and monitors the provision of emergency call services. Rules and regulations governing emergency services are set out in:

Telstra is responsible for the service which answers calls to the emergency service numbers Triple Zero (000) and 112, and transfers them, with relevant associated information, to the requested emergency service organisation.

The Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) is currently the provider of the National Relay Service (NRS). ACE has the same responsibility as Telstra with regard to the emergency service number 106.

The ACMA maintains an Emergency Call Service Advisory Committee (ECSAC) to provide advice on issues relating to the emergency call service. Membership of the ECSAC is comprised of:

  1. representatives from government
  2. emergency service organisations
  3. carriers
  4. carriage service providers
  5. Telstra
  6. The Australian Communication Exchange (ACE)

More information

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  2. The ACMA Emergency Call Service reports, consultation papers and guidelines
  3. Telecommunications (Emergency Call Persons) Determination 1999 
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  5. Triple Zero

Last updated: 17 December 2012