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What is a supplier

The ACMA regulatory arrangements impose obligations on suppliers of products at the point of supply to the Australian market. A supplier is someone who supplies products to the Australian market where the products are subject to one or more of the ACMA's regulatory arrangements.

A supplier can be:

  • a manufacturer in Australia
  • an importer in Australia
  • an authorised agent of an importer or manufacturer in Australia.


A manufacturer is someone who manufactures products in Australia for supply to the Australian market.

Someone who manufactures products in Australia for export only (the product will only be supplied overseas and is not offered for sale in Australia), is not a supplier for the purposes of the ACMA arrangements.


An importer is someone in Australia who imports products into Australia. However, an importer is only subject to the ACMA regulatory arrangements if they supply products to the Australian market.


An agent is someone in Australia who is authorised in writing to act on behalf of an Australian manufacturer or Australian importer regarding their obligations under one or more of the ACMA regulatory arrangements.

See the Agency agreements page for more information about the obligations of agents.



Last updated: 01 March 2016