Shaping our technical priorities tune-up 2017 | ACMA

Shaping our technical priorities tune-up 2017

20 February 2017

Join us for our second annual PCA tune-up, Shaping our technical priorities.

Date and time: Wednesday 15 March 2017, 1.30–4 pm.

ACMA Melbourne Office
Level 32, Melbourne Central Tower
360 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Each year, we set our priority compliance areas (PCAs) for technical compliance, based on a range of factors. These include developing risk profiles based on complaints received, research, consequences and, importantly, stakeholder feedback and input. We welcome your valuable feedback and contribution to these early discussions.

The Shaping our technical priorities tune-up will allow open dialogue and free-flowing discussion. The Compliance and Field Operations team will outline our PCA program, discuss the current PCAs and outcomes, and seek your input into the development of future PCAs. Join us for this free event and help shape our future compliance direction.

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Registrations close COB 6 March, or earlier if venue capacity is reached. Register using the form below to ensure that your views are heard on 15 March.

About the PCA program

The PCA program is centred on a risk-based methodology and takes a strategic approach to combatting high-risk compliance issues in a coordinated manner.

We set our PCAs for technical compliance through an intelligence gathering and risk assessment process. This analysis allows systemic compliance issues that require a robust compliance response to be identified. This approach enables us to effectively focus our resources on higher-risk issues, while continuing to monitor and appropriately respond to lower-risk issues.

We take a holistic approach to implementing the PCA program. The specific activities implemented are dependent on each particular PCA, and include non-regulatory measures like education and awareness, as well as regulatory measures such as auditing, field monitoring and enforcement. This approach enables us to extend our regulatory reach in an efficient, effective and targeted way.

Past PCAs have focused on radiocommunications transmitter licensing, illegal mobile phone repeaters, LED lighting compliance.

Keep up to date

For updates on the PCA program, follow the team on Twitter @acma_operations.


Shaping our technical priorities tune up 2017