400 MHz compliance program report | ACMA

400 MHz compliance program report

The ACMA has concluded its priority compliance area (PCA) program into 400 MHz band compliance. This PCA assessed compliance with planning and licensing arrangements following the 400 MHz band plan changes, with a particular focus on unlicensed services.

As a result of this program, the ACMA has confidence that:

>    there is a high level of compliance within the 400 MHz band

>    the ACMA has robust processes in place to identify non-compliance

>    the ACMA’s risk-based escalated approach to compliance is well suited to addressing serious non-compliance

>    licensees are willing to work with the ACMA to address issues of non-compliance and prepared to employ measures to mitigate the risk of interference in future

>    deriving data from a range of sources including signal monitoring has provided a comprehensive picture of compliance in the band.

The compliance program and its results are summarised in the Priority compliance area—400 MHz compliance program report.

Last updated: 15 April 2016