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Key dates for 700 MHz residual lots auction

The ACMA’s original auction of the 700 MHz—or ‘digital dividend’—band in 2013 was part of a worldwide trend of releasing digital dividend spectrum to allow greater use of this valuable public resource. A large contiguous block of spectrum was freed up as a result of the switchover to digital television across Australia and the subsequent restack of digital television transmissions to channels below 694 MHz.

At the conclusion of the digital dividend spectrum auction in 2013, 30 MHz of spectrum remained unsold in the 700 MHz band.

The location of these unsold lots is shown below:

700overview jpg

The 700 MHz band—unsold lots spectrum auction

Following receipt of a letter from the minister on 5 October 2016 and a ministerial announcement on 7 October 2016, the ACMA began preparations to auction the 700 MHz band unsold lots. 

In October 2016, the ACMA released a consultation paper setting out how it proposes to configure the spectrum for auction and how the auction is proposed to operate. The ACMA received nine submissions to this consultation.

After considering the submissions, the ACMA made the allocation instruments which were registered on the Federal Register of Legislation on 16 December 2016. Following that, on 16 January 2017 the ACMA advertised the auction, opened applications and published the Applicant Information Package (AIP).

Key dates

The key dates for parties interested in applying to participate in the auction are as follows:




The ACMA advertises auction, publishes the applicant information package and applications open.

16 January 2016


Application deadline

By this date and time, any person wishing to be an applicant will need to:

  • submit a completed application form
  • submit a completed deed of acknowledgement form
  • submit a completed deed of confidentiality form
  • pay the application fee to the ACMA on behalf of the Commonwealth.

11.59 pm on Monday 13 February 2017


The ACMA gives each applicant details about the identity of all other applicants and their associates, and all previous successful bidders and asks each applicant to make a statutory declaration about whether they are affiliated with another applicant or a previous successful bidder.

After the application deadline


Deadline for statutory declarations requested under event #3.

At least five working days after the request in event #3


Deadline for any new applications submitted by applicants which the ACMA has notified that it is satisfied are affiliated.

Not more than 10 working days after notification


Preference deadline

By this date and time, each applicant will need to:

  • lodge a completed preference nomination form
  • pay a deposit, or give a deed of financial security, to the ACMA on behalf of the Commonwealth, or do both.

11.59 pm on 16 March 2017


The ACMA tells registered bidders that they have been registered and may participate in the auction, and gives them information to enable their participation (e.g. information about how to access and use the online auction system).

After the preference deadline


Mock auction held to familiarise prospective bidders with the auction system.

To be announced


The ACMA notifies registered bidders about the start date and time of the first and second rounds of the auction.

At least 10 working days before the start date of the first round of the auction


Auction begins.

To be announced (expected to be 4 April 2017)

Note: The above timetable is subject to change. Any changes made to the timetable will be announced on the ACMA’s dedicated 700 MHz webpage.

Last updated: 04 April 2017