Issue for comment 39 2014 | ACMA

Issue for comment 39 2014

IFC 39/2014

3 September, 2014 

The purpose of the ACMA’s Five-year Spectrum Outlook is to provide greater insight and transparency for spectrum users about the environmental factors influencing spectrum demand.

This edition also sets out the ACMA’s strategic direction and priorities for the short-to-medium-term in response to this demand and explains how the ACMA determines its priorities, and decides which work programs are to be delivered across the 2014-18 period.

Stakeholders can use the Outlook to identify when the ACMA expects a particular work program to commence, and to understand the priority applied to particular activities by the ACMA. The Outlook is also intended to assist stakeholders in engaging with the ACMA by providing guidance on the kinds of matters the ACMA considers when deciding whether to undertake particular spectrum activities.

This year the ACMA has divided the Outlook into three parts:

  • Part 1: articulates, at a high level, how the ACMA approaches spectrum management in response to the external environment.
  • Part 2: describes the overarching framework within which the ACMA determines its key priority areas and work program for the near term. This part is aimed at providing a level of transparency to stakeholders about the pressures on spectrum and the priorities assigned to particular spectrum management activities in response to those pressures.
  • Part 3: sets out the ACMA’s five year spectrum management work plan. This section includes details on proposed commencement or completion timeframes. The intention is to provide greater clarity on what action the ACMA is taking in response to identified pressures and the timing of those actions so that stakeholders have an early opportunity to provide feedback to the ACMA on that work plan.

The current Outlook is the 2014-2018 edition and is available in the following formats:

Word PDF



The Outlook is a tangible part of the ACMA's commitment to consultation, cooperation and collaboration with industry, Australian citizens, government and international colleagues on all spectrum matters. It will evolve and continue to be shaped by stakeholders ongoing experiences, observations and evaluation of spectrum use in Australia. It is not intended to be a substitute for separate and targeted industry consultation on specific spectrum management issues.

The Outlook is closed for submissions from 19 December 2014. It is updated on an annual basis to take account of changing priorities and demands.

Last updated: 08 November 2017