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Spectrum takes centre stage

The second-ever APG meeting in Australia—and the first since 1999—was held in Brisbane from 9 to 13 June 2014. The ACMA hosted the 3rd meeting of the Asia–Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Preparatory Group for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015—known as APG15-3—with the support of the Department of Communications.

More than 350 delegates from 32 of the 38 APT member administrations attended the meeting. With 50 delegates, Australia had one of its biggest delegations to any international radiocommunication and spectrum conferences.

The focus of APG15-3 was to further develop Asia–Pacific regional views on WRC-15 Agenda items. From Australia’s perspective, it was an important output to have the domestically agreed Australian Preliminary Views incorporated into the regional views developed at the meeting. This objective was achieved, with Australian Views often providing a basis of the final regional views. 

ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman delivered the welcoming address on the first day of the meeting. While attending APG15-3, Mr Chapman also took the opportunity to hold important bilateral meetings with key international representatives including Heads of delegations of China, Korea and Japan; the ITU; the US State Department; and the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

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Chris Chapman delivering the welcoming address at APG15-3

In the lead-up to APG15-3, the ACMA also hosted the very first APG Training Workshop from 6 to 7 June. The objective of the workshop was to help APG delegates from developing countries gain an insight into the complex and demanding processes of the regional APG meetings. This should lead to more inclusive regional representation of APG outputs, and increased attendance and participation by Asia–Pacific developing countries at APG meetings.

More than 80 people from 22 APT Member countries participated in the workshop, which included many significant office-bearers from the APG and representatives of the International Telecommunication Union. 

The two-day workshop covered detailed presentations on the meeting process, including interactive sessions on writing, presenting and debating contributions to the meeting. The event was wholeheartedly supported at the following APG meeting, with the Republic of Korea moving at the final plenary meeting to make the workshop a feature of each WRC cycle and requesting the ACMA be available to provide expert assistance to the next workshop. 

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APG Training Workshop participants

Last updated: 18 June 2014