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Regional strategy

The experience of the ACMA in radiocommunications demonstrates that regional support for Australian initiatives in international forums substantially increases their likelihood of success.

The ACMA participates in many regional radiocommunications activities sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT). These include regional preparations for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) and other APT radiocommunications activities that are focused on the region's needs.

Objectives and intended outputs of the ACMA involvement in regional activities

The objectives of the ACMA's involvement in regional activities include:

  • promoting and seeking regional support for Australian proposals to major international conferences, such as WRCs
  • enhancing Australian industry and government awareness of the benefits and opportunities of involvement in international and regional radiocommunications forums
  • promoting the advantages to Australian industry of involvement in the development of international and regional radiocommunications regulations
  • facilitating opportunities for Australian industry and government to contribute to regional and international radiocommunications development through activities in the Asia-Pacific region
  • strengthening the ACMA’s relationships with industry and government on international and regional radiocommunications issues through open and transparent domestic consultative arrangements
  • exchanging information within the region about radiocommunications matters.

The purposes of the ACMA's involvement are:

  • regional support for Australian contributions at international forums
  • broader industry and government participation in regional forums
  • benefits to industry and government of increased involvement in international and regional regulations making activities
  • better defined industry and government roles for input to and management of regulations- making activities
  • regional support for initiatives designed to ensure user needs are taken into account in the development of international regulations.

The ACMA's interest and involvement in regional radiocommunications activities cover a range of activities. Some of the guiding principles and direct examples of the ACMA's involvement include:

  • the ongoing involvement by the ACMA in regional forums and activities is the most cost-effective and efficient means of satisfying the ACMA's statutory responsibilities and corporate goals in managing Australia's input to international communications forums and promoting Australia's communications interests internationally
  • facilitating opportunities for Australian industry and government in the region, leading to an increased likelihood of an Australian perspective being incorporated into regional and international communications regulations development
  • providing benefits to Australian industry and government with increased awareness, interest and participation in regional and international communications regulations development
  • actively encouraging representatives of the Australian radiocommunications industry to participate in regional study groups and expert groups that relate to areas of Australian interest.

Experience has proven that the success rate of Australian initiatives and proposals has been greatly increased by regional engagement.


Last updated: 24 November 2016