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Regional regulators network in Sydney

Senior representatives from 24 communications regulators across the region met 21 and 22 July in Sydney to attend the fourth Asia Pacific Regulators’ Roundtable. It was hosted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Roundtable is a forum for strategic discussion and information-sharing by the leaders of telecommunications, broadcasting and converged ICT regulators. This year’s theme was Beyond Convergence – the Networked Society, and focused on the era beyond convergence and how regulation needs to more rapidly adapt to address a fully connected digital society.

‘This senior level engagement allows us to fully explore looming imperatives such as regulator agility and adapting to remain relevant. We share real experiences and discuss emerging challenges in achieving coherent regulatory outcomes in network-enabled industries,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘It also allows us to share possible solutions to these emerging challenges and discuss increasing opportunities for regional collaboration as we strive build the capacity and capability of the region to enable the wide-ranging benefits that accrue from a fully connected digital society.’

The Roundtable was opened by Chris Chapman and Sameer Sharma, the ITU’s Asia Pacific Regional Director. Countries represented included India, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan. While the discussions are held in closed session, the agenda is available.

Flowing on from the Roundtable was the ITU/ACMA International Training Program, a series of workshops held over three days to update attendees about the ACMA’s work and to discuss communication developments in other countries. More than 70 participated. This year’s theme was Convergent Regulation Through First Principles Thinking.

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Media release 36/2014 - 16 July


The 4th Asia-Pacific Regulators' Roundtable is organised by the ITU and the ACMA, with support from the Department of Communications. It aims to foster strategic discussion and information sharing amongst top level management about the evolution of the regulator’s role in a networked society and the challenges, changes and pressures facing regulators.

Chris Chapman’s speech at last year’s Roundtable (held in Seoul), Protecting citizens and consumers in the networked society, is available here.

The ITU-ACMA International Training Program 2014 builds skills to address the policy and regulatory issues in the era beyond convergence of telecommunications, information technology and broadcasting. In particular, the event focused on the implications of a fully connected digital society for coherent regulation.

The Program highlighted the building blocks required to ensure regulatory measures remain relevant and appropriate for this new environment. It brought together international perspective in this area, with a focus on Australia's experiences and lessons learnt to date.



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