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International Radiocomms Sharepoint

This page provides authorised persons access to certain key documents via the ACMA’s International Radiocommunications Collaboration (IRC) SharePoint Site.

Before you log into the IRC SharePoint site, you agree to comply with the following conditions:

  1. You acknowledge that access to these documents is covered by the ACMA Guidelines on Australian participation in international and regional radiocommunications forums and meetings (the Guidelines) which places constraints and conditions on access to in-confidence or sensitive Australian material including documents accessible through this facility.
    Note: Please refer to the Guidelines for specific information. Additional information on using the IRC SharePoint site is available by contacting the ACMA’s International Radiocommunications Section.
  2. By accessing documents through the IRC SharePoint site, you agree to comply with all the conditions in the Guidelines relating to document confidentiality, handling and dissemination applicable to the documents you are accessing.
  3. You agree that if you fail to comply with these conditions, the ACMA may suspend or terminate your document access rights.

You must indicate your agreement with these conditions before you can proceed further.

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The personal information you provide as part of this process will be handled in accordance with the ACMA's Privacy Policy.


Last updated: 03 October 2016